A Grimoire is a book of magic and what is more magical than poetry? So instead of producing a series of chapbooks we've opted to create something a bit more special.

Our first poet is Fíona Bolger and her Grimoire is called 'The Geometry of Love between the Elements'


A beautiful book of poems illustrated by Vani Vemparala and featuring translations into Irish, Polish and Tamil by Antain Mac Lochlainn, Aleksandra Kubiak and R.Vatsala respectively.

​As our first production this could become a collectors item!


This sample poem taken from Fíona's Grimoire was first published in The Chattahoochee Review in 2012





The Geometry of a Racehorse Gallop

I feel the marl ball
warm to my touch
as you hand it to me
the bishop's walk stopped here
tall beeches in gothic style
cutting across the hillside
your gallop now
tearing up the incline
rushes ploughed under
all that remains a pristine
carpet of brown and green
round the carefully calculated bend
so many lines to make a curve
behind the old school house
to the field where hay was stacked
on an overcast summer's day
men stripped back to boys
sweated and drank glass bottled
milky tea and laughed
the small circle hidden now
where I went round and round
until I broke loose.

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Fíona Bolger's poetry has appeared in many journals including Southword, The Chattahoochee Review, Brown Critique, Can-Can, The Poetry Bus, and Outburst.
She is a member of the vibrant Dublin Writers' Forum and Airfield Writers.