25 April 2014


We were delighted to hit our target on the latest fundit campaign, a million thanks to everybody who pledged or shared or shouted encouragement.


Crowdfunding is always a rollercoaster ride, but this one was more terrifying than usual, we really thought we wouldn't make the loop-the-loop there for a while. Our rewards were copies of the mag and our next two Grimoires (Which we are very excited about!) by Melissa Diem (This is What Happened) and Séamas Carraher (Dub(H)lin(N) 20 Poems of The City) and we got almost a hundred pre-orders which is tremendous. A huge thanks must go to Patrick Cotter of The Munster Literature Centre who pledged to the tune of €500 in a sponsorship deal. Not only did that huge boost kickstart the final push of the fundit campaign, it also gave us a quality stamp of recognition. That PB is also showcasing at The Cork Spring Poetry Festival and has entered into The Forward and Pigott Prizes shows we are maturing, not just as a magazine, but as a quality poetry press. Who knows what the future may hold?


We are currently locked in The Shed (The nerve centre of PB enterprises) and are putting PB$, the money themed special issue, together.
We have fantastic poems on what is a vital theme in these days of recession and polarized income. We also have a flash fiction about refugees, a graphic short story set to the backdrop of the miner's strike in England, amazing full page, full colour illustrations, an article about rejections and not one but two 'Wrting Lives'

Plus (of course!) the unique addition of an audio CD of a selection of poets reading their poems from the mag, plus two music tracks from the brilliant indie band 'Babybird' plus an experimental piece from The Bee Loud Glade. All in all we believe this mag to be something special. We hope you do too!


Cover image 'Losses 2009' copyright Kirsty Whitlock